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Receptra Review

Receptra Review

Receptra Elite is the mid-tier CBD tincture of Receptra’s Active Lifestyle – a collection of physical and performance-driven CBD tinctures made from naturally occurring cannabinoids, antioxidants, neuroprotectants, and a proprietary blend of essential fatty acids. Formulated to improve overall performance and enhance recovery, Receptra has developed an impressive following in the MMA industry, backed by superstars like Trevor Wittman, Joe Warren, and Bas Rutten.

Yes… UFC Hall of Famer Bas Rutten. And it’s not just mixed martial artists who love Receptra’s products. Pet owners, health fanatics, and everyday customers have nothing but great things to say about Receptra.

So, what about Receptra CBD is getting everyone so pumped up? This definitely calls for an official Receptra Review. Hope you enjoy!

Bas Rutten Receptra Naturals


• Highly supported by credible ambassadors
• Great pricing and concentration variations
• Certified by 3rd Party and In-House lab tests
• Manufactured from Colorado-Grown Hemp
• Premium blend formulated for performance and recovery
• Unique ID on each bottle to validate authenticity


• Lack of product reviews on their own website
• No free shipping options


Based on Receptra’s plant to shelf production process, the company clearly places a strong emphasis on the quality of their product. From using only premium hemp flower (no stalks or seeds) grown on family-owned Colorado farms to extracting its CBD oil in licensed facilities then rigorously testing each batch in-house and various 3rd party labs like Botanacor – Receptra sets the standard for quality in the industry.


The problem with most organic, high-quality CBD oils is that they sometimes have a strong, earthy aroma and flavor that isn’t always preferred. However, Receptra’s CBD oil does not have this problem.

Due to its unique berry blend, Receptra’s oil emitted a sweet, uplifting aroma and pleasant flavor. What’s surprising is that the flavor and aroma of Receptra’s tincture were actually complimented by the natural hemp aroma. We can definitely see why so many people support the brand.


Available on ReceptraNaturals.com for just $79.99, a 30ml bottle of Receptra Elite (1,000mg) offers a great value, with each milligram of CBD costing just under $0.08. In addition to the 30ml bottle of Receptra Elite, Receptra offers the following options as part of its Active Lifestyle collection:

  • Receptra Active 15ml (250mg) – $24.95
  • Receptra Active 30ml (500mg) – $44.95
  • Receptra Active 60ml (1,000mg) – $79.95
  • Receptra Elite 30ml (1,000mg) – $79.95
  • Receptra Elite 60ml (2,000mg) – $149.95
  • Receptra Pro 30ml (2,000mg) – $149.95
  • Receptra Pro 60ml (4,000mg) – $249.95

One thing that was a bummer is that Receptra does not offer any free shipping options, and their shipping options are semi-expensive. This isn’t a huge deal when you consider the value of their CBD oils, but the option to earn free shipping by purchasing a minimum dollar amount is almost a standard nowadays.


According to its website, Receptra Naturals is based out of Greenwoods Village, Colorado. Aside from this and the endorsement from noteworthy ambassadors, there isn’t much else information about the company itself.

As we previously highlighted throughout our review, Receptra Naturals products are top notch, and the credibility and values of the company are clearly exhibited through its products. We would, however, have loved to learn about the story of Receptra, its mission, who its founders are, or even a simple about us. While this does not negatively impact our opinion of the quality of the brand, it does prevent us and probably Receptra’s customers, from truly forming a connection with the brand.

Receptra Naturals


After thoroughly reviewing Receptra Elite, we would confidently recommend the product to any of our friends and family. Receptra puts a ton of emphasis on the production and quality of its products, and this hard work produces an industry-leading product. With an amazing overall sensory experience and affordable pricing, Receptra CBD definitely earns a place among our favorites.

If you’re looking for a CBD tincture that can deliver all the wonders of CBD, we highly recommend Receptra – especially if you’re an athlete and could benefit from Receptra’s enhanced-recovery formula (or if you think Bas Rutten is the man!)

Head over to ReceptraNaturals.com and save an additional 15% off your order with our exclusive Receptra Coupon Code: CBDORIGIN15


Thank you for reading our review! We hope that it helped in your buying decision and that you enjoy all the wonderful benefits of CBD. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to engage below. Thank you!

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Receptra Naturals

Receptra Elite (1,000MG)
250MG (15ML) Bottle$24.95
500MG (30ML) Bottle$44.95
1,000MG (60ML) Bottle$79.95
1,000MG (30ML) Bottle$79.95
2,000MG (60ML) Bottle$149.95
2,000MG (30ML) Bottle$149.95
4,000MG (60ML) Bottle$249.95

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