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HempConnex CBD Oil Review



Hemp Connex

Daily Connex Orange 500MG
500MG Bottle$50.00

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Daily Connex by HempConnex is a full spectrum CBD tincture manufactured out of Denver, Colorado. Made from a whole plant extract, Daily Connex is available in 500MG and 1000MG and offers two flavors–Orange and Mint (flavor descriptions discussed below). With great pricing and a compelling story, we were very excited to test out HempConnex’s tincture, and we were definitely impressed with the results. Aside from a clean, great tasting flavor, DailyConnex’s high-quality full spectrum CBD blend provided a wonderful experience. Disclosure: We only tested Daily Connex 500MG (Orange), although we are confident the other Hemp Connex products are great quality.


• Great pricing ($50/500MG; $70/1000MG)
• High-quality full spectrum blend
• Great tasting flavor
• Great, honest company
• Fast shipping


• Short (but growing) company history


Made from a whole plant extract, no preservatives, and all-natural ingredients, Daily Connex provides users with a full spectrum CBD experience for maximum health benefits. Based on lab results from Botanacor, Daily Connex 500MG (Orange) contains 590.3MG of CBD, and is completely free of THC, which is a huge plus. Without even looking at the lab results, you can tell Daily Connex is high quality by observing the clear, consistent color of the CBD oil as shown in the image below. When our team tested Daily Connex as a tincture, our findings were confirmed – Hemp Connex’s full spectrum blend provided noticeable results within 20-30 minutes (please note that our team uses CBD for specific conditions which may vary from your own. In this case, Daily Connex provided significant relief for arthritis, insomnia, and anxiety).

Hemp Connex Quality Review Image


Daily Connex is offered in two flavors: Orange and Mint. Although we are not particularly fond of Orange flavored products in general, the flavor was actually quite good. The strong citrus flavor or orange, definitely complimented the tincture’s natural oil flavors. We did not have a chance to try out the Mint flavor, but it’s definitely something to look forward to. We also hope that the Hemp Connex team expands their amazing product to offer more flavors.


Even though Daily Connex is a premium product, it doesn’t come with a premium price tag. In fact, it’s actually really, really affordable. Hemp Connex even offers free shipping on orders over $100. With these prices, nearly everyone can experience the wonders of CBD!

  • 500MG – $50.00
  • 1,000MG – $70.00


Besides an amazing product, what we really loved about Hemp Connex were the people behind the company. Founded by Matt and Courtney Chandler, Hemp Connex is literally a company by the people for the people. From speaking with Matt, and learning about the company on their website and social profiles, you can tell Hemp Connex genuinely believes in helping people through its products. As you can see on their website, they are very open about who they are and what they believe in which is hard to find nowadays. There are always great people behind great companies, and this is definitely true for the Hemp Connex team.

Hemp Connex Taste Image


Although Hemp Connex is rather new in the industry, it’s high-quality products, affordable pricing, and amazing team will quickly increase its popularity.

If you are looking to experience the benefits of CBD, we highly recommend Daily Connex by Hemp Connex. Head over to their online store and save an additional 15% off their already great pricing when you use code: CBDORIGIN
Go to HempConnex.com

We hope you enjoy this exclusive deal and would love to hear about your experience with Daily Connex in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading!

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