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Cura Vape Review

Cura Vape Review

Cura Vape Overview

Cura Vape is a premium CBD Vape Juice, distributed by Hold Fast Vapors. Made with a pure CBD crystalline vape blend blend, Cura Vape offers three strengths (100MG, 250MG, 400MG) in a 30ML bottle, and features three great tasting flavors (flavor descriptions discussed below): Harmony, Utopia, and Wonderland. While Cura Vape offers great tasting flavors, and its CBD e-liquid passes all the visual tests of a quality product, we weren’t able to find or obtain Cura Vape’s test results from a certified a lab. Because of this, customers cannot validate if Cura Vape’s e-liquids contain quality and safe ingredients, or if the product contains CBD at all. We understand this may be a harsh judgment, but having lab results is extremely important.


• Affordable Pricing (starting @ $32.95)
• 100% Vegan CBD Isolate Blend
• Wide variety of product offering
• Great, smooth tasting flavors
• Free USPS shipping


• Lab results are not readily available
• Clumpy e-liquid blend
• Little to no product reviews


Aside from the lack of lab results, Cura Vape’s e-liquid appeared very clumpy. As you can see from the photo below,  there are clumps up against the rim of the bottle. This may mean the e-liquid was not blended properly, which could cause an uneven distribution of CBD throughout the e-liquid (If you do try out Cura Vape, make sure to shake the bottle well before using!). Once I shook up the bottle, the e-liquid itself was very clear and consistent throughout.

Despite the lack of lab results, I would like to note that the vaping experience was very pleasant. The vapor hits very smooth, tasted clean, and I noticed the effects of CBD within half hour. From personal experience, the quality of the product seemed great, but again, without the lab results, we can’t be sure about anything (if you’re part of the Cura Vape team and can provide lab results, please contact us immediately!

Cura Vape CBD Quality Review Image


Cura Vape offers three unique and great-tasting flavors: Utopia, Wonderland, and Harmony. Utopia offers a sweet Dragon Fruit flavor (I never understand the dragon fruit flavor because dragon fruit tastes like a potato lol) that smells great and tastes like fruity gum. Wonderland features a savory strawberry creme flavor and leaves a rich strawberry flavor after taste. Harmony features a rich apple crumble cake flavor. All the Cura Vape flavors taste great, and match perfectly with the flavor descriptions. As far as taste goes, you won’t be disappointed.


One of the main reasons Cura Vape has become very popular is because it offers amazing value. With great flavors, great pricing, and a decent-sized bottle, the brand’s value proposition is pretty enticing. Find pricing below:

  • 100MG – $32.95
  • 250MG – $45.95
  • 400MG – $56.95


Although Cura Vape is a rather new business, it was started by a company with a long line of success and good reputation: Hold Fast Vapors. That’s not to say that the company is automatically validated. In our investigation, there were a few red flags to consider. Although the product is great, there are not very many product reviews to validate the quality of the product from the general consumer audience. Furthermore, customer service was not on point. We did attempt to reach out to customer service via email and phone several times with no response but did get a response on social media. In this industry, customer service is extremely important so that’s something Cura Vape should work on.

Cura Vape CBD Taste Image


After concluding our Cura Vape Review, we believe flavors taste great, and are offered at a great price point; however, there were a few factors that negatively affect our ratings, such as poor customer service and the lack of lab results. When trying out any new CBD product, ensuring that the product has legitimate lab results is extremely important. Please keep in mind that our intentions are not to convince you not to use Cura Vape, but to inform you of our experience with their brand.

For more information on CuraVape’s products, visit their online store at www.CuraVape.com

If you have had a personal experience with Cura Vape, and would like to tell us about it, feel free to engage in our comment section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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Cura Vape CBD

Wonderland (30ML)250MG
Harmony (30ML)250MG
100MG (30ML) Bottle$32.95
250MG (30ML) Bottle$45.95
400MG (30ML) Bottle$56.95
300MG (30ML) Bottle$69.99

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