Better Brain Eva CBD Review

Better Brain Eva CBD Review

Better Brain Eva CBD Review

Eva CBD offers a series of CBD capsules, each with a unique blend of full-spectrum CBD and all-natural herbs such as turmeric, bacopa, matcha and more. According to the company, each blend combines premium CBD with a unique set of ayurvedic ingredients in order to deliver relief and benefits for specific conditions. For example, the Better Brain blend is a nootropic containing ingredients to enhance cognitive functions, while the Better Energy blend is designed to enhance physical and mental performance.

Since ancient times, herbs and plants have been used for their medicinal properties. By combining these herbs and plants with benefit-rich CBD, it makes sense that it would enhance and extend the benefits delivered. With that said, we were very interested in learning more about Eva CBD’s approach, and more importantly, to determine if it actually worked.

Of the brand’s six different blends, we had a chance to try out Eva’s Better Brain capsules and we were actually really surprised with the results. Keep reading to learn about our full Eva CBD Review!

Better Brain Eva CBD Review


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According to Eva CBD’s website, Better Brain and Eva’s other blends, contain the best of the best ingredients sourced from their team of in-house herbalists (see full ingredient list here). The fact that each blend is formulated for a specific purpose, with a balance of cannabinoids, herbs, and plants, shows not only that the company has a great understanding of the conditions they are addressing, but that they genuinely want to help people.

Sure, it would have been much easier and cost effective to have just one CBD blend and say it works for all these different conditions, but it wouldn’t be as effective as taking the time to craft a specific blend for each condition. To us, this shows a lot about the quality of Eva CBD’s products, as well as the team creating them (keep reading to learn about our personal experience with using Eva CBD’s Better Brain capsules).

Eva CBD Capsules Review


Priced at just $49.99 for the 30-count container and $89.99 for the 60-count, Eva CBD Better Brain is priced at $1.66 – $1.49 per capsule. With each capsule containing approximately 4.29mg of CBD, each milligram of CBD comes down to about $0.35 per, which is priced on the higher end compared to other CBD capsules. It is important to consider the unique blend of ingredients in the Better Brain CBD Capsules, as well as the research and development that went into a creating a superior and more effective product, which we believe is definitely well worth the increased cost. 

  • Eva CBD Better Brain (30-count) – $49.99
  • Eva CBD Better Brain (60-count) – $89.99


According to Eva CBD’s About page, founders Dane Kemp and Nicole Davidsohn launched their first company “EVA” in 2015 and started the first-ever 100% comprehensively lab-tested dispensary in California. Here, they developed a method to preserve the cannabis plant in its raw state, while still retaining 99% of all nutrients. The raw cannabis was then converted into powder, which was then enclosed in a capsule.

At this point, the product was still a concept, but it was forced into reality when the founders were faced with a cancer diagnosis for their dog, Mary. Long story short, the two highly-experienced cannabis professionals used their knowledge and research to find a cure for Mary, and they did.

They formulated a unique blend of cannabinoids and other ayurvedic herbs into what is now their “Better Pet Relief” formula. From there, the rest is history. The company researched and formulated unique blends specifically for various conditions, and today they offer 6 unique blends.

The story of Eva CBD stands out to us because they were born from a genuine necessity, which combined with passion, experience, and standards, developed into a brand that we believe has a lot of potential. The company is still new, but based on their background, we see great things in their future!



Now that our background research is done, it’s time to put Eva CBD to the test and see if it really helped improve cognitive functions as it claimed.

To properly test the product, we had three unbiased individuals take two capsules each, in separate individual settings. The first individual was a full-time student, the second was a marketing director, and the third individual suffered from severe headaches. Each could definitely benefit from improved cognitive functions, so this was the perfect test.

Based on our findings, after about 1-hour, each individual noticed significant benefits. Below we have listed brief testimonials from each individual:

Individual 1 (Full Time Student) – “At first, I didn’t notice anything, but then I realized that was the funny thing… Normally I notice things and become distracted, but now I wasn’t. I felt focused and balanced.”

Individual 2 (Marketing Director) – “At work, I am constantly moving and need to be focused all the time. Some days, I get burned out and stressed, and other days I feel good. I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence, but I realized I had a really good day. I was focused and didn’t stress out.

Individual 3 (Suffers from Severe Headaches) – “I did have some trouble swallowing them at first, as the capsules are fairly large, but from my experience, CBD capsules are usually about that same size. Nearly an hour went by and I noticed my headache was completely gone. Usually, when I start to experience a headache, it lasts the rest of the day until I go to sleep. It was still the afternoon so I’m certain the capsules helped.”

Please note that these personal experiences are based on many different factors of the individual and they do not guarantee the effectiveness of these products.


After performing a thorough Eva CBD Review, we highly recommend trying Better Brain by Eva CBD. Based on our research and experience with the product, we believe these capsules are some of the best in the industry, and that the company behind them is held at the same level.

If you suffer from headaches or are looking for the perfect all-natural nootropic, you should definitely give Better Brain a try. Head over to their online store and save 20% off with code: CBDORIGIN20

If you have had an experience with Better Brain by Eva CBD or any of their other blends, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Thanks for reading our Eva CBD Review! Please share any questions or comments below

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Eva CBD Better Brain
30-Count (320mg) Bottle$49.99
60-Count (640mg) Bottle$89.99

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