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About Us

As CBD and alternate cannabinoid enthusiasts, we want you to find the best products. Whether you are interested in CBD for medicinal purposes or just want to find a different way to enjoy your favorite plant, we can help. With educational information detailing the history and science of cannabis and its cannabinoids or how-to guides and product reviews, you can feel confident in your knowledge behind this plant and your buying choices.

At CBD Origin, we understand that the market for CBD and alternate cannabinoids is both overwhelming and profound. It has become increasingly harder to find quality products you can trust with fake products produced and sold online and in-store.

No matter how frustrated or overwhelmed you are, we can help!

Our education and how-to guides can teach you everything you need to know about CBD and alternate cannabinoids. You can feel confident that we will recommend only the best products to you through our product reviews. All products are tested by knowledgeable people who have past experience.

There is much more to the cannabis plant than just getting high, and we want to highlight that. Whether you use this plant to relax or to treat a medical condition, here, you can find guides on everything from edibles and tinctures to concentrates and great bud.

How It Works

Products are tested by knowledgeable users who have prior experience with CBD and alt cannabinoids like Delta 8. We want you to know exactly what we think of a product, both the good and the bad. We take our time to fully understand what the product offers and may test something more than ance.

This is how we approach most product reviews:

  1. A product is recommended to us, or it catches our attention, and we purchase it for review. We want to keep our reviews as unbiased and fair as possible, so we do not accept free or discounted products in exchange for a review.
  2. A writer will test the product and record the applicable effects. These may include taste, body feel, texture, pain relief, dry mouth, and other side effects. The writer may retest the product to get a complete overview.
  3. The writer will write the article from their perspective using their own personal experience and background knowledge. The editorial team may assist the writer if needed, but the data and personal experience are directly from the person who tested the products.
  4. Articles are updated as necessary to stay up to date on industry standards and address the comments or concerns of our readers.

Our educational guides are thoroughly researched. We deep dive into the science and the legalities surrounding CBD and altnoids. To give you the best information and peace of mind surrounding the products you love.

Our Core Values

Safety, honesty, education, and passion

Our Writers

Jessica Rosslee

Jessica RossleeJessica has witnessed firsthand just how therapeutic and beneficial CBD can be. In a sea of prescription medication, she saw how much relief her grandmother received from CBD. This experience made her a firm believer in the benefits of this plant. For the last five years, she’s been lending her copywriting skills and CBD expertise to various websites while discussing the benefits of this plant. 

Candace Osmond

Candace OsmondCandace loves everything about the cannabis plant. Whether studying the benefits of different strains or tending to her own hydroponic grow system, she’s always hungry for knowledge. She loves bringing that knowledge to our readers. As the main article and script writer for MaryJanesApron and copywriter for BestPotDelivery.Com she has a ton of experience and in depth niche knowledge. Her growing experience brings a new perspective and helpful information for our readers!

Thea Engst

Thea Engst

Thea Engst is a huge fan of CBD, CBG and CBN. She uses CBD regularly to help achieve a healthy sleep pattern after suffering from insomnia. In addition to her personal use and experience, she currently writes for High Peaks, a hemp extract company that focuses on blends of CBD, CBG and CBN.

Sneha Solanki

Sneha Solanki

Sneha Solanki is a qualified legal professional with knowledge in the CBD industry. She uses her knowledge on the topic to educate readers on legal issues they might face when using or promoting CBD products.

Topics like cannabidiol and marijuana are sensitive in some areas of the world and Sneha has been involved in academic discussions on these topics. Her knowledge of CBD as well as knowledge of the law make her the perfect person to help people that need to learn more about the legalities of CBD.

Stephanie Jensen

Stephanie Jensen

Stephanie Jensen is a daily user of CBD and can personally talk about the benefits and relief she’s received from this plant. Additionally, she has experience with Delta 8, a minor cannabinoid that is rising in popularity. She looks forward to sharing her experiences with our readers and gaining more knowledge of her own about the benefits of the hemp plant! 

Alizabeth Swain

Alizabeth Swain

Alizabeth Swain developed a passion for the power of CBD products after she tried CBD oil as her last hope for anxiety treatment. As someone who didn’t respond well to pharmaceutical medications, she tried CBD drops, desperate for any sort of help. Since then, she’s realized how life-changing CBD can be. She’s studying to become a Certified CBD Consultant so she can help other people learn about the potential healing they can find with CBD products.

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